Knowing how hard it can be to find a good quality abaya with a fair price nowadays, I got inspired to start a long awaited childhood dream of mine: my very own brand.

My name is Melisa, I am the founder of amanah wear, a brand aiming to support women by providing beautiful abayas which can be worn casually on a daily basis, during the prayer, when visiting the mosque, at family gatherings or ceremonies. The list is endless!
I was mainly inspired by Khadijah (RA), the beautiful wife of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. She was a businesswoman, earned her own money and was respected throughout her community. Khadija inherited her father´s talent in a time in history where society was male- dominated and dangerous. Upon her father´s death, she took over the business. Her business was larger than all of the Quraysh, a mercantile Arab tribe that historically inhabited and controlled Mecca and its Kaaba, trades combined and the most acclaimed with a reputation of fair-dealing and high-quality goods. Khadija was a woman of capabilities and power in herself.

Amanah stands for what Allah has entrusted to us, as his slaves, but also for what we humans lend one another.